Pool Rules & Covid Safety

Please revisit the rules below each season.  A complete list of pool rules can be downloaded here and should be reviewed carefully before your first visit.

Added safety measures for the 2021 season:

  • We are opening without requiring reservations.
  • We will monitor capacity and send a text alert when the pool is full (every chair occupied). Upon reaching capacity, lifeguards will turn members away.
  • We ask members to self-monitor on busy days, particularly Friday and Saturday, and when it is clear other members are unable to access due to capacity, please limit your time to 3 hours (lifeguards will make announcements and monitor as necessary).
  • Sign up for text alerts if the pool is at capacity or has a closure (see below).
  • Parents with children under 12 or any unvaccinated patrons, please make informed decisions based on CDC guidelines for outdoor recreation
  • New keycards will be issued and required for entry. You can pick your card from the guard shack on your first visit to the pool or anytime during lifeguard hours (10 am – 9 pm). One per family. The keycard replacement fee is $75.
  • We added extra cleaning shifts and hand sanitizing pumps.
  • No guests or parties permitted until further notice.
  • Thank you in advance for being courteous to your fellow members!
Sign up for Text Alerts:

Rules & Reminders

  • Lifeguards have the authority to enforce all pool rules. Contact the Head Guard or Pool Manager with concerns.
  • Lifeguard hours are daily from 10 AM to 9 PM. Use of the pool outside of lifeguard hours is at your own risk.
  • Socializing with or distracting the lifeguard on duty is prohibited. Bring concerns to the lifeguard working in the guard shack.
  • One lap lane is kept open for members to swim lengths undisturbed. For effective use, when more than 2 swimmers are in a lane, swimmers should swim counterclockwise near lane markers and pass in the middle.
  • Children under 14 years are not allowed in the pool area unless accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult who is at least 19 years old.
  • Noodles, floating lounge chairs, inner tubes, and rafts not permitted. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices (PFD’s) such as water wings or “swimmies” may be worn. Any person wearing a PFD must be accompanied by an adult and be within arm’s reach.
  • Fireworks, weapons, glass containers, pets (other than service animals), balls (other than small, soft, cloth varieties), water guns, bicycles and skateboards, fishing, and diving equipment (other than a mask and snorkel), are not permitted at the pool.
  • Running, noisy, or hazardous activity not permitted in the pool area. No pushing, dunking, dangerous games or throwing of balls, frisbees, wet clothing, or other.
  • Diving is prohibited except in designated areas. Diving board users must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted. PFDs may NOT be worn when going off the diving board. No general swimming is permitted in the diving area.
  • NO GLASS permitted at the pool. Coolers may be checked by lifeguards.
  • NO GUM permitted in the pool; it can get trapped in pumps.
  • Patrons are responsible for disposing of their food and beverage containers, wrappers, and other trash–super important to prevent pests! Lifeguards have general cleaning duties but are not responsible for cleaning up after guest’s meals and snacks.
  • See additional rules for those with young children in the section below.


  • Members must bring their key access cards to enter the pool gate. Be prepared to show ID if you do not have your access card.
  • Guest fees are $5 per guest. Limit of 5 guests per visit. An ADULT member must accompany guests—your guests cannot enjoy the pool without your company.

Pool Rules | Parents & Guardians of Young Children

  • Lifeguards DO NOT monitor the baby pool. Use of the baby pool is restricted to children 5 yrs and under–each child must be supervised by a responsible adult and not left unattended.
  • Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers covered by separate plastic pants, which must fit snugly around the legs and waist, under their swimsuit. Check the guard shack for plastic pants if you do not have them with you.
  • Any non-swimming children and those wearing a PFD (water wings, swimmies) must be within arm’s reach of a responsible adult at all times.
  • Diaper changing is not permitted in the pool area; use the changing stations in the locker rooms and dispose of diapers in the marked trash bins in the restroom (NOT in pool area trash bins).
  • Diving is prohibited except in designated areas. Diving board users must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted. PFDs may NOT be worn when going off the diving board.
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