Construction Questions & Answers

The questions and answers provided below address member concerns regarding the impact of site construction during the spring and summer swim season. Any updates will be posted on our website closer to the pool opening in mid-May.

1. How is the construction going to affect the pool experience? Construction noise? Dust? Exhaust? Pool cleanliness?

The construction should not impact pool cleanliness. The first phase will begin on the north and eastern portion of the site closer to Southerland Terrace away from the pool. The site will continually be covered with temporary grassing or mulch during the swim season to mitigate dust. Exhaust from this type of construction is minimal. There will be construction noise as allowed under the City noise ordinance; however, the site development phase is typically low noise decibel levels. The house construction noise levels will vary depending on the type of construction ongoing but will be within the City ordinance.

2. What safety measure will be in place? Where will we park? Will there be kids coming and going next to a busy construction site.

Vehicle access to the pool site will be from Hampton Terrace during the 2019 season. Gravel parking will be provided adjacent to the pool and accessed from Hampton Terrace. Pedestrian traffic will be able to access the pool from Hampton Terrace and from Southerland Terrace (exact details in development). No one will walk through the construction site to access the pool. The parking area and pool area will be delineated from the construction zones with orange safety screening.

3. When will the construction be completed?

Approximately 24-30 months

4. Will the pool be adding memberships with the new homes going in next door?

No, we will maintain our normal membership size.

5. Is the pool being sold to the developer?


Thank you for your patience and understanding as work through these temporary adjustments.

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